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The Pitts Special is a series of light aerobatic biplanes designed by Curtis Pitts. It has accumulated many competition wins since its first flight in 1944. The Pitts biplanes dominated world aerobatic competition in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, remain a potent competition aircraft in the lower categories. Sgt Anthony Ayre Purchased a Pitts S2AE Project Aircraft to build and hoped to one day fly competitivly.

2009 › PRESENT
March 2009

The beginning of the road

Sgt Anthony Ayre’s first viewing and purchase of his beloved “Pitts Project” at Wickenby airfield.

April 2010

Delivery of specialist wood for the wings

October 2010

Fuselage stripped, sandblasted and repainted.

April 2010

Sgt Ayre working on the Pitts skin.

January 2011

Wing Assembly

Sgt Ayre assembling the upper wing - in the Sgts’ Mess RAF Waddington! Good use of those cups Tony!

April 2011

Time to Re-Locate

Upper wing removed from the Sgts’ Mess to a larger space at Wickenby airfield.

May 2011

More progress on the wings.

August 2012

Sometimes the Sergent's mess is just fine.

Sgt Ayre building the lower wings - in his room at the Sgts’ Mess.

June 2013

Walesby Woodlands

Wings now moved to an old barn at Walesby Woodlands Caravan Park.

May 2014

The Moor Wing

Moor wing building at Walesby but sadly the last time Sgt Ayre saw the wings.

September 2014

Recovery Commitment

After Sgt Ayre’s tragic death in Jul 14, the Pitts fuselage and parts are recovered from Wickenby to RAF Waddington

The wings are moved from Walesby to the Albion Mill, nr Huddersfield.

January 2015

Derby Airfield

Wings moved from the Albion Mill, and fuselage from Waddington to Derby Airfield.

May 2015

Work in progress at Derby.

November 2015

Fabrication and covering at Derby.

Mar 2016

Wings Covered

May 2016

RAF Halton

Pitts temporarily located at RAF Halton for the RAFFCA Showcase Day.

July 2016


Work in progress at Derby. Almost ready for engine and propeller.

February 2017

A Milestone

The Propeller and engine are fitted.

May 2017

We are almost there...Checking the canopy positioning.


The Spirit of Ayre model made by Sgt Ayre’s Uncle..

A model of The Spirit of Ayre made by Sgt Ayre’s Uncle, showing the aircraft’s wonderful livery and flying overhead RAF Halton.

The underside of the aircraft. In a loop, the profiles of the upper and lower wings will join to display a RAF Roundel with heart centre-piece