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Open 1st December 2017
Close - 31st January 2018
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Formed on the 1st April 2001, the aim of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association (RAFFCA) remains to promote air mindedness throughout the RAF by affording Servicemen and women, regardless of rank or trade, the opportunity of learning to fly at the lowest cost.

Jonathan Jane

Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper


Air Marshal Christopher Harper has retained a love of flying and was one of the founders of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs’ Association. Now its president, he built, owns and flies a Vans RV8 aircraft and is an active member of the Royal Air Squadron. He also enjoys gastronomy, running, jazz and riding an American twin-cylinder motorcycle.

Air Cdre Al Seymour

Air Commodore Al Seymour


Air Cdre Seymour is a keen private aviation enthusiast, holding the Chair of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs’ Association and maintaining a Civil Airline Transport Pilots Licence. He has amassed a total of over 3400 hours flight time with more than 2500 on fast jets. His other interests include personal fitness trg, mainly focussing on road cycling and he still enjoys odd good book to relax!.

RAFFCA is keen to support Expeditions for member clubs..

The association is the advisory body responsible to the MOD for the code of conduct of all non-publicly financed Flying Clubs in the RAF. RAFFCA is an association of independent member clubs and will achieve its aim by:

  • Encouraging liaison and communication amongst all the Flying Clubs of the RAF.
  • Advising an assisting with the formation and conduct of Flying Clubs within the RAF.
  • Encouraging General Aviation within the RAF.
  • Encouraging the participation of RAFFCA members in competitive sports flying contests.
  • Arranging representation of member clubs at meetings of national aviation bodies.
  • Promoting and encouraging General Aviation and air mindedness throughout the RAF.


One of the benefits which membership of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association (RAFFCA) brings to all of us is discounted purchase deals on a range of items from major suppliers. 

A wide range of deals has now been available for over a year using the RAFFCA discount for headsets, GPS, kneeboards, radios etc etc. All club members - both military and civil are fully entitles to make use of these discounts. Speak to your club RAFFCA representative for details.

home-office-569359_640RAFFCA is keen to support Expeditions for member clubs, use of Enhanced Learning Credits for servicemen wishing to learn to fly, and to encourage participation by member clubs in competition flying events such as Air Racing, Precision Flying, Aerobatics and such things as TopNav. Some financial sponsorship may be available for service personnel in reducing the cost of participation in such events.

There are now quite a few flying clubs affiliated to RAFFCA and service members can take advantage of reciprocal membership arrangements to fly at other clubs for temporary period whilst on detachment or a visit.